Praia da Nazaré com a ISO 14001:2015

The Municipality of Nazaré, aware of the importance of the environmental quality of Nazaré Beach and of all that it has done in recent years to guarantee this quality, has certified Nazaré Beach with ISO 14001:2015, which, among other things, certifies the quality of our beach and the constant search for improvement of this environmental quality.

In ISO 14001:2015, it is necessary to define the scope of the certification. After listening to the different stakeholders and collecting all the contributions that we received, the scope of the certification was defined as follows: “Coordination of maintenance with stakeholders, management of the Nazaré beach (limit of the sand / along the coast), according to the coordinates defined in the Management Plan of the Coastal Zone of Praia de Nazaré, by the Environmental Office of the Municipality of Nazaré”.

The whole process will be carried out within this framework.

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