The Decree-Law 306/2007 of August 27th regarding water quality meant for human consumption outlines the responsibilities and abilities of public supply systems’ management entities, also referred to as ‘managing entities’, specifically in relation to:

  1. Ensuring compliance with water quality standards and maintaining water quality control (as defined in Article 10)
  2. Developing, submitting, and implementing a program to sample and analyze the water, for demonstrating/verifying compliance with the standards for the water distributed (as defined in Article 14), and doing so in accordance with the requirements outlined in Annex III to the Decree-Law with approval from Competent Authority (ERSAR).
  3. Frequency of monitoring the various parameters that determine water quality (defined in Articles 11, 12, and Annex II)
  4. Communication of water quality data and corrective actions taken to the competent authorities and consumers, and treatment of non-compliance with parametric values.
  5. Water intended for human consumption must be disinfected as stated in Article 9.
  6. (Article 21) discusses the use of materials and products in contact with water.
  7. (Article 22) requires carrying out operational monitoring programmes on all distribution systems to ensure continuous improvement of water quality.
  8. (Chapter V) outlines criteria for testing laboratory suitability.

ERSAR is responsible for regulating the quality of water intended for human consumption and holds the status of a competent authority in this regard.

Nazaré Municipality monitors the public supply network through its Municipalized Services, following the ERSAR-approved plan.

The Municipality supplies water to the beach visitors by means of a drinking fountain located on the beach. Water quality monitoring started at this location in 2019 in compliance with ISO 14001:2015.

Result of the Analisys: 18-08-2023

Parameter/Method of Analisys Limit Value a) Result Unity

Count of Escherichia coli

Membrane filtration method – ISO 9308-1:2014/Amd.1:2016
0 0  ufc/100mL
Count of Bacteria Coliformes 
Membrane filtration method – ISO 9308-1:2014/Amd.1:2016
0 0  ufc/100mL

Free Chlorine (Determined  on site)

ME-709 Rev. 06 de 24/11/2011
 —  <0.1 (LQ)  mg/L CL2
Sample Collection for Analysis of Microbiological Parameters
PT-11 rev.23 de 23/01/2023. ISO 19458:2006
 —  —  

a) The limit values are established by Decree Law 306/2007 and subsequent amendments introduced by Decree Law 152/2017.
Following Decree Law 152/2017, it is recommended to maintain the residual disinfectant concentration between 0.2 and 0.6 mg/L of free residual chlorine or 0.1 and 0.4 mg/L of chlorine dioxide. It is also advisable to keep the number of colonies at 22°C and 36°C below 100 and 20, respectively.


Declaration of Conformity: The parameters analyzed conform to the parametric value established by D.L. 306/2007, dated 27 August, amended by D.L. 152/2017, dated 7th December, and approved by the accredited laboratory, Agroleico.