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The Municipality of Nazaré has implemented the ISO 13009:2015 Standard in pursuit of continuous improvement. This standard was awarded by SGS, the responsible body, after inspecting the conditions available for the 2023 bathing season.

It sets out general requirements and recommendations for beach operators who provide tourist and visitor services. The guidance offers direction for beach operators and users on sustainable management and planning, beach ownership, sustainable infrastructure, service provision requirements, beach safety, information and communication, cleaning, and waste removal.

ISO 13009:2015 is applicable to beaches only during the bathing season.

In recent years, the Nazaré beach has become increasingly important for tourism. The implementation of ISO 13009:2015 is essential in economic, social, cultural, and environmental strategies to establish a policy that protects the environment, people, and goods, while utilizing resources in an economical and rational way.

ISO 13009:2015 requires continuous monitoring for improvement and certification. This certification outlines a set of actions that the Municipality of Nazaré and the beach concessions must accomplish. These actions include:

  • Conduct a pre-audit to meet the mandatory requirements.
  • Implement the requirements with expert support to ensure correct application.
  • Get certified by an external audited body verifying that all ISO 13009:2015 requirements are met.
  • Disseminate the achieved results.

The Municipality aims to achieve several objectives by implementing this standard. These include seeking greater sustainability of natural resources and services available on the beach, offering users an ecological choice of services and products, ensuring effective and structured risk control, cooperating to ensure excellent environmental planning, and communicating the results with the entire population.


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